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Monday, May 23, 2011

Take the weight off- Declutter!

I like to say that I'm a reformed pack rat.  I used to hang on to everything, I just couldn't throw something away if it was in perfectly good condition, and my fear of giving it away was that if I needed it again later then I would have to buy another one.  So everything that came into our house, stayed in our house!  This did not leave things looking very neat and tidy, and even though I would clean the house it would still look messy because of the amount of stuff that we had accumulated. 

Before we put our house up for sale I knew I needed to change my pack-rat ways.  There were times I just felt closed in while in my home.  I didn't want to create that kind of atmosphere in my home, I wanted a place where a person felt comfortable and welcome.  I wanted a safe haven for my family, and I wasn't creating that type of atmosphere with all the stuff.  Something had to be done, and I knew what the answer was, it was time to de-clutter.  At first it was difficult for me to let go of things, but I realized that I'd much rather have a restful and peaceful home without all the stuff, then a house packed full of unnecessary items.  Once I started getting rid of things I started feeling better, I felt lighter in a way.  I felt like a weight was being lifted off my shoulders.  Mostly I gave the stuff away to Goodwill and The Salvation Army, other stuff I packed up and took down to our local consignment store, and there was a few things we just decided to throw out- and that was okay.  In the end I knew it was okay to throw some things out, it made for a more peaceful home when the clutter and stuff was gone.  

I noticed a big difference throughout the house, I realized I didn't need every nook and cranny filled.  I didn't need every shelf or counter full of stuff.  I realized that I could put some decorations away and switch them out every now and then.  It was a good feeling walking through the house and seeing free space here and there.  My house seems cleaner now too, it's funny how "stuff" came make a house look messy and dirty, even when it's not.  It's the perception it gives.  My kitchen was the biggest change of all.  I put away a lot of little appliances that I don't use every day, they're stored in a cupboard until I need one.  I still have the same size kitchen, but it looks so much bigger now, all because I de-cluttered!

I encourage you ladies to take a walk through your homes, look at all the stuff you have and make a decision if you really need it all, or if it's possible to get rid of some of it.  It really is such a simple thing to do, it doesn't cost any money, and it can make your home seem so much more calm.  At least it did mine.


  1. Wonderful post! I think decluttering is therapeutic! I really got started with it in 2007 doing the "2007 items in 2007" challenge and so on for every following year. I kept a tally (just for fun and motivation) until about 2 years ago, but I was already over about 5,000 items and it was awesome! But at the same time, to think about how much stuff I STILL have that I could likely do without...

    My goal is to not have so many things that I can't find stuff...I want to have a place for everything and everything in it's place, and if I go looking for something and can't find it, that's usually a sign that we need to do a little decluttering. I also figure that I'd like to have few enough items that we could pack up and move in 24 hours without it being a huge hassle. Not that I expect that to ever happen, but it keeps me thinking simply. ;)

  2. Oh, I love that idea (2007 in 2007), I can't believe that was even possible, way to go!!

  3. I have been reading so many posts about decluttering right now, I've been inspired to keep pitching things! I love it! Thanks for sharing. :)