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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Modesty Quest, pt 3. Keeping Warm!

Another bitterly cold morning in these parts, oh how I long for warmer weather!  Until then I am given the opportunity to learn different ways to keep warm while wearing a skirt.  

I have to confess that this morning after rising early to exercise, having my quiet time, and getting ready for the day that I was still so cold that I chose to put on a pair of jeans with knee-high socks, a tank top, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweater.  I had looked outside as the wind was blowing and knew that heading out to the bus stop was going to be very trying, so I opted for the jeans.  After the bus stop I came inside, warmed myself with a cup of coffee, then headed to my closet to change clothes.  I've been wearing skirts most days, but changing into them after the early morning coldness wears off a bit. 

You gals have shared some really great ideas in keeping warm, so thank you!

What I now have in my wardrobe to try to keep warm are these items:
     * nylons (I only wear these to go to church)
     * microfiber tights (ivory, black, and brown pairs)
     * microfiber thigh-high tights
     * knee-high socks
     * thin pair of long johns

Like I said, I only wear the nylons when I am going to church, they are just so uncomfortable on my legs for any length of time (over 3 hours), they make my legs sort of itchy.

The microfiber tights are a little better than the nylons, but they usually start getting uncomfortable if I've worn them for over 6 hours or so.

The long johns are nice and thin but seem awkward to wear under a skirt, at least a skirt with any sort of slit or kick pleat, because then the long johns are noticeable.  I am however going to try these with a pair of knee-high socks to cover them up a bit on the next morning that is bitterly cold.

The knee-high socks are the most comfortable, I found them at Target for only $1 each!  The only problem is that I can't figure out which shoes to wear with them, they are too thick for a pair of ballet flats, and look funny with any of my other shoes, plus there is a design on them which makes it harder to match with a pair of shoes.  Any ideas?

This morning I put on the thigh-high stockings/tights that I had yet to try.  I found them at Kohl's for under $5 and I was really excited to try them out.  I figured that they would keep me warmer since they go up to my thighs, however they were so uncomfortable that I couldn't wear them as thigh-highs.  They rolled at the top which made it feel like they were digging into my legs.  I could only wear them as thigh-highs for about 5 minutes!  I decided to keep them on but push them down so they were right above my knees, that helped alot!  But throughout the day they would slide down on their own, landing just below my knees, so every couple hours I had to pull them back up to above my knees. 

I think I'll look for some solid colored knee-high stockings/tights instead.  I also wish I could find the kind of tights they make for little girls, the cable knit type.  Those seem thicker like socks, and more comfortabe then the microfiber tights. 

I feel like since I started this journey that I've accomplished a lot, at least in my own mind I have.  :)  I am actually looking forward to the next cold morning so that I can try a different appoach in keeping warm.  I know I just need to try some different things until I find something what works for me.

Thanks again for your input, it's really so much appreciated!


  1. Hi Julianne,

    How fun! I'm really enjoying reading this journey of yours! How encouraging!! More lately I've been thinking about more of the "why" I wear skirts. Like I mentioned before I've been wearing skirts for a long time... it's encouraging to read what has been happening in your heart through this and what you've been learning. :)

    I am a lover of knee high socks! I wore them year round before I moved to Missouri where it's just too warm in the summer to wear them. I have some waist tights but never got too used to wearing them. :) I always thought they were colder... :)

    Anyway, I love my knee highs and my sketcher mary janes! I wear them almost daily, year round. I wear leggings in the winter with the knee highs over them like you mentioned, or cut them at the knee.

    Hope your weekend is blessed!

  2. Brrrrrr...i remember super cold winters when i lived in Omaha, Nebraska. The winters were brutal.

    I was a young woman then and I wore my blue jeans with leg was cold. Sipping some hot tea or cocoa helped. Heavy sweaters went a long ways. Lots of warm bedding!

    God bless you and I enjoyed popping in today to visit you.
    d from homehaven

  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I don't know what I'm going to do for the cold weather. My first thought was to try leggings under a warm skirt to go walking if it's windy out. Our house stays pretty warm so I won't have a problem unless I go outside.

    One problem I have is that I never wear shoes in the house so I have to wear a pair of socks over my tights or I will wear them out quickly.

  4. Well maybe colored longjohns or those half pants...I can't remember what they are called...the ones that only come partway down the leg. Get some that go with the skirt or contrast nicely...I would think they would look ok especially if the socks matched too! The only time I tried this though I was wearing a long skirt and boots.