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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Modesty Quest

I love wearing skirts on a warm summer day!  There's just something about wearing a light, flowey skirt when the weather is warm, and actually I think a skirt is more comfortable than any type of shorts or capris. 

But when the weather is cold you'll find me in my jeans or pants, usually with a pair of long john's underneath, as is the case right now.  I am cold by nature.  What I usually wear to bed is a pair of pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt, that's just how I am. 

Recently though, the Lord has been doing a work in my heart, as far as my wardrobe is concerned.  I'm not sure why it's been in my head to start wearing skirts more often.  There's not been any big changes in my life to make me want to wear skirts more, I didn't just start going to a new church that preaches strongly on just skirts/dresses, my husband hasn't mentioned anything to me about my wardrobe either.  So the only thing I can think of, is that it's the Lord who's been making a change in my heart. 
I'm not opposed to just skirts or dresses, but it is something that is a bit of a struggle for me, because like I said, when I'm cold a skirt just doesn't seem to keep me warm enough. 

I am drawn to the idea of wearing skirts more often because I do believe that if our walk with the Lord is where it should be, then it will show in the way we dress.  I want to give God my best because He gave me His best in His Son, Jesus Christ.  I want to look nice for God, whether it's on a Sunday or any other day.  I also want to look nice for my husband, it's a sign of respect for our husbands if we make ourselves pretty and attractive on the outside.  Now, don't get me wrong I know what 1 Peter says, that a meek and quiet spirit is of great price in the sight of God, more important than our outward adorning.  And if we are thinking more about our clothes than we are about God then there is something wrong.  But like I said, our appearance can be evidence to how our walk is going.  I suppose that is why I'm on this quest, if you will, regarding my wardrobe.  I want to give God my best in everything, and that includes the way I dress, and lately it just doesn't seem that a t-shirt and jeans is the best I can give.

In this quest I've begun I will be searching the scriptures in regards to a women's appearance and wardrobe, I'll be praying and asking the Lord to reveal His plan for me, I will also be looking into what other women do to keep warm in skirts, I'd also like to start "practicing" wearing skirts more often- setting aside another day or two of just skirts, and I'll be looking into how I can still look pretty and fashionable and not frumpy while wearing skirts. 

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  1. Long skirts of a heavier fabric (twill, denim) with a slip and long johns under them work very well in winter. I'm not dresses-only anymore, but when I was, I loved long johns with ankle boots under my denim and twill skirts in winter.

  2. I am so happy to follow you aloing in this. I went from wearing skirts 90% of the time to about 10% and now I am sitting at about 50%. It is a real struggle for me to listen to the Lord in it and not everyone around me. (excluding my hubby of course)

  3. I am an older woman who has started wearing dresses and skirts only because our culture is in such a gender identity crises, I hoped to make a statement with my clothes.I did pray about this before I started, and felt that the Lord gave me a clear answer that I should do this. I'm always interested to see why other women make this choice. Even in church from behind sometimes you can't tell if some one is male or female, this should not be!

  4. Thanks ladies for commenting, I love to hear what others say about this issue, and getting ideas about what others do is a real help.
    April- I do have 2 long skirts that are more thick and heavy than my others, I'll have to look into buying a new pair of long johns because the ones I have are a bit too ratty looking to put under a skirt. But thanks for the idea!
    Jaime- I know what you mean about the struggle part, it can be so easy to listen to those around us instead of to what God says. I'm just striving to be still before the Lord and be open to what He has for me to do.
    bwinfree- Yes, the culture of today is definitely going through an identity crisis with the genders, and it probably won't be changing either. And that is one thing that got me thinking about this in the first place. God made me a female, not to look like a male, but to look like a female- to be feminine. And I also believe that if a lady dresses more feminine, she is treated more respectively by both males and females.

    Thanks ladies for commenting, it made me so happy! :)

  5. Wonderful post. I have been having similar feelings about dressing more feminine. I only have 1 pair of jeans left in my wardrobe, though I have several pairs of nice slacks with feminine prints. The Victorian era has been my inspiration for clothing design lately. Their dresses and ensembles were extremely feminine, even sexy, without showing any skin, (long sleeves, long skirts and turtle neck!). It is intriguing to see other people having similar sentiments about the feminine clothing styles these days.

  6. I haven't worn skirts on a regular basis since grade school. I did buy a few because I thought I might start. I just haven't gotten to it yet. I think this will take some practice too.


  7. Me too! Me too! Did you read my post about this on my blog?
    I'm in the exact same place as you, and I have the same "coldness" issue. Thanks for you comment on my blog, and it's nice to "meet" you!

  8. I look forward to seeing where this takes you. I'm not sure what I will do in the winter. A long skirt with leggings or tights? I love the way I feel in a skirt and I think they are cooler than wearing shorts!

  9. Hi Julianne!

    I found you at the "Raising Homemakers" and I like your blog very much. Here in Germany there is no discussion about biblical womanhood or wearing skirts so it's very inspiring for me to read about it. I don't feel called to wear only skirts, but I like the idea to wear them more often and dress more feminin. Do you know the "She wears skirt" series on
    Maybe it's helpful for you...
    Greetings from Germany!

  10. I took have been looking into warmer skirts, because in the winter I find it very hard to stay warm in anything less than jeans. I've started buy over-the-knee socks and am looking in to a good pair of knee high boots in hopes that they will help. Looking forward to seeing more on what everyone else does!

  11. I came here via raising homemakers too! I now find skirts warmer than jeans. I have a mid calf floaty skirt that I often wear under longer ones on a cold day. Also leggings and over the knee socks are great to fill in the gap. It is in the layers that you get the warmth. I am also trying to wear skirts more and more and encouraging my girls to do the same.

  12. I had this same revelation a few years back. I can't say that I wear skirts 100% of the time, it's more like 75%. I wanted to model femininity to my girls also.

    As we grow in the Lord He changes our hearts. Modesty is defiantly a heart issue. We live in a culture that screams immodesty. But as Christ followers we are to be different than the world, we are to shine like the stars in the universe. :)

    Blessings on your adventure.

  13. Hi ladies,
    I really appreciate your feedback, you've share some really good ideas on keeping warm. I'll have to try layers (tights, socks, leggings, etc.) to keep warm.
    I do agree that modesty is a heart issue.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I also came across your blog on Raising Homemakers and have been trying to wear pants less often and skirts more. I sure feel more feminine in dresses or skirts. Perhaps this is because it's the way God made us? In the winter I wear warm tights. I find them warmer than pants.

  15. I'm here from Raising Homemakers and really appreciated this post. I love to see when others are doing things because of the Lord and not others. I've been wearing skirts exclusively for a number of years now - about 10. I feel I should and I also enjoy them better. In the winter time I like to put leggings underneath to stay warmer and often where knee high socks. I have thinner calico fabric skirts for the summer when it's warm and thicker/flannel type skirts for the winter. I like to where denim skirts in the summer or winter. They are nice in the summer as you don't have to wear a slip under them and slips are pretty warm I think. :) Little pantaloons or bloomers for little girls are almost the only way to have them dress modestly in dresses. :) I pray the Lord blesses you as you listen to His leading!

  16. This sounds just like me. I love wearing skirts in the summer, but in the winter I find it more difficult. Yes, I can wear boots, but I do not like to wear boots everyday. My husband would love to see me where dresses all the time, so this is something I need to work on.

  17. Here from Raising Homemakers.
    Love this blog post. As has been said-wearing warm leggings with thick knee highs underneath denim keep me toasty warm! I wear dresses probably 90% of the time. Struggle a bit in the summer just because it is so hot and humid and my inner leg sweats-sometimes a longer short feels better. However, I rarely wear them, feeling much more comfortable in a skirt. Let the Lord lead and don't listen to critisism of others or what you "think" they are thinking about you. :) Learn with God!

  18. I am being convicted about the same thing over the last couple of years. Still trying to figure out how to best go about skirts in the winter, so I'm planning on sewing up some long petticoats to try.

  19. I really enjoyed reading your blog & all these comments. My mother was/is an exclusive skirt-wearer, raising me the same, of course. I've continued that in my adult life, never having worn pants {outside of pajamas}. I understood & embraced the teaching & if I had a daughter {mom to 3 sons}, I'd teach her, as well. I really appreciated the comments about the current gender identity crisis. That's so true. As far as keeping warm in the winter, you'll adjust to it ... learning to layer, etc. Several good tips on the comments. Blessings to you all.

  20. I had noticed how my two toddler daughters were more feminine than I was in their cute skirts than I was in my usual jeans. I was having a hard time finding skirts to wear around the house with my little ones--getting down on the floor and playing. Then I thought of our local Goodwill. There are so many skirts there!! And a skirt is easy to alter to fit a bit better--just take in one of the seams or both side-seams. I too found myself actually warmer around the house in my denim skirts, with exercise shorts/leggings and knee socks.

    As a side note, I was asked at my Kroger if I was a Christian after I answered the cashier my son's name is Josiah. When I affirmed it, she said she just knew it because she could see the Holy Spirit fire in me, and I dressed like a Christian--I was in a long denim skirt and modest shirt.

  21. I wear the leggings or some thick knit tights under long heavy skirts as well. It gets down to a windy -20C here, so I will also then wear a pair of knee length sweat pants too. They dont show under the skirt at all. I'm wanting to get a longer length coat as well, but it needs to be a warm one. If you know how to sew or know someone who does you could make a long A-line skirt in a denim or corduroy and line it with flannel for an added warm layer.