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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Family Time Series

I'm looking out the window right now and the sun is out, the sky is clear, and it looks like it's going to be a perfect summer day!
But you know what can change a perfectly good day into a perfectly bad one?  My attitude! 
Moms, our attitudes can be uplifting and encouraging to our families, or it can bring them down in the dumps. 

Proverbs 14:1 says  "Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands."

This summer my prayer is to be a wise woman, actually this is my prayer in the spring, fall, and winter too.  But this summer I want to build up my family and enjoy our time together instead of tearing them down by having bad attitudes.  What kind of bad attitudes am I talking about?  What about being overbearing and demanding?  Of course during the summer we all still have responsibilites that need to be done, chores can't go by the wayside, but being overly demanding can definitely put a damper on a happy summer day. 

What's another bad attitude that we mother's can exhibit?  Laziness!  This may not necessarily be an attitude, but it can tear the whole house down if we allow it to.  Summer mornings when the kids are slowly waking up, maybe a couple are sleeping later, maybe the other kids that are up just want to watch cartoons, this can breed laziness in the whole family!  We moms need to be careful that we're not being lazy right along with our kids, we need to get up and get the family going.  Our kids will follow us- good or bad, so let's make sure that we're exhibiting good habits.  
I can think of another bad attitude, perfectionism!  Are you a perfect mother?  I know I'm not a perfect mom, I make mistakes every day and I've been walking with the Lord a whole lot longer than my kids have.  I'm sure it's probably the same with you, so let's not expect our kids to be perfect either.  Sometimes I get this attitude that my kids should act older, almost like I expect them to be "little adults", isn't that crazy!  My kids aren't little adults, they are kids and I need to let them be kids.  They will make mistakes too, they're still learning, and my attitude should be one of helping them in growing up to love the Lord, not expecting them to be perfect in everything they say and do.

So those are just a few examples of bad attitudes that can wreck havoc during our summer vacation:  Overbearing, Laziness, and Perfectionism.

We can change the atmosphere of our homes by having the right attitudes inside our homes.
Let's make our summer a joy-filled one, a summer full of happy memories!

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  1. Julianne, great post! My pastor's wife/friend always says the woman sets the tone for her home. So true. Our attitude makes or breaks the day. And as you said, it is not just our attitude but our actions such as laziness or perfectionism. THank you for this gentle reminder!

    Sweet Blessings~