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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Popcorn Ever!! (and it's healthy too)

We love our popcorn at our house! 

It's the perfect night time snack for the whole family as we're watching a movie together in the evening. 
We've had our popcorn in every way possible (I think).  We've popped it the old-fashioned (and extremely unhealthy) way in hot oil in a dutch oven on the stove.  I have to say doing it that way was yummy, but frying the kernels in all that oil was just a bit unsettling (and painful when you got splattered with the bubbling oil).  We've done the microwave popcorn thing, but that got a bit too spendy (because for our family of 6 we would need to pop about 3 bags).  We've done it the air-popped way too, can you say "blah"??  It just didn't have the taste to it. 
Now we pop our popcorn the best way as far as we're concerned, and it's buttery and salty and perfect!!

You wanna know our secret??  okay, here it is...

We start by popping our kernels in the air popper, this is quick and easy, and not messy at all.  Then (and here is the secret) my dear husband sprays on a bunch of Pam butter flavored cooking spray right on the popcorn.  He'll spray some, shake the bowl and mix it around, spray again, mix it up again, and spray one last time.  Then he'll shake on a little salt, and Voila!!  The Best popcorn EVER!  No joke, this is really the tastiest popcorn and it is so healthy (depending on how much salt you shake on). 

The butter flavored spray has:
no calories,
no fat,
no saturated fat,
no cholesterol,
no sodium,
Isn't that great!  But the flavor is just like butter! 
Oh, it's so good ladies, you've got to try it!

So no need anymore for that unhealthy night time snack, have this yummy popcorn that the whole family will love! 

And no one would guess that it's healthy!


  1. You spray the finished popcorn, right? Not the kernels before they pop? Just making sure. We love popcorn but the air popped was BLAH. We pop microwave popcorn and (thankfully) only 2 of us like/love popcorn so we only have to pop 1 bag. In the winter especially, we eat a bag a night though so it can be pricey sometimes.

  2. yes, we spray the finished popcorn, then all that buttery goodness sticks to the popped kernels, and any salt you sprinkle on will stick to the butter spray (if you sprinkle it on right away when it's still newly sprayed).
    I bet everyone in your family will love it!

  3. Neat idea, I haven't ever tried it that way. We'll have to give it a go sometime!

  4. Yummy!! We are some major popcorn eaters over here!!

  5. Hate to break it to you, but it's not calorie and fat free. It says that, but that's for a serving size of a fraction of a second. If you're coating popcorn you're using more than that. Still, healthier than dousing with melted butter or something.

  6. Has anyone noticed Pam contains silicone?

  7. Use the Kirkland brand, it doesn't have any additives. Then shake some fresh grated Parmesan on the popcorn.