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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Lower Debt Resolution (with a budget worksheet for you!)

Yes, I'm adding to the Resolutions posts in blog land.  It makes me wonder how many others have posted on their New Years Resolutions, probably quite a few. 

As I was thinking about what my resolutions were, I also began to wonder what the word really means.  So I used the handy Merriam-Webster online dictionary to look it up.  Resolution means "the act of determining". 

But I also like the meaning of the word Resolute-
"marked by firm determination. 

This year is different than past years, as far as debt resolutions go.  In past years I wasn't determined to stay out of debt.  Even as I write that it sounds odd, almost like I don't mind being in debt, which is definately not true.  I hate being in debt.  This past year has taught me just how much I hate even the word debt.  Our debt prevented us from being a blessing and a help to others.  It took peace from our lives.  It caused a sense of chaos in our lives instead of a calmness.  I'm through with living that way.  I'm not blaming anyone else, I know full well that I was not a good stewerd of the money God entrusted to us.  Things are going to change.  I am resolved!  I have firm determination!  I will be bold in attacking this debt, and I will be steady!
We plan to have our credit card debt paid off in March, and once eliminated we are determined not to use it again like in years past.  This past year we would see something online that was "such a good deal" so we would put it on our credit card telling ourselves that when the bill came we would pay it right off.  Or we would be at the store and see something that we thought we "needed" but didn't have the money for, telling ourselves we would pay it off with the next paycheck- but we never did.  And that folks is the beginning of the end.
We have discovered this past year that the "really great deal", and the item that was "needed" weren't necessary at all, and only brought discouragement.  We are done with discouragement!  Debt=Discouragement!  If you're discouraged over your debt do you have a plan to be done with it once and for all?

Over the next month I will be sharing our plans for staying out of credit card debt.  One thing I'm going to share right now is a link to a great budgeting tool.  I printed mine off and will be using it regularly.  It's the Freddie Mac Monthly Budget Worksheet, take a look and see if it'll work for you too.

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