The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercies never come to and end...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I won't be a famous blogger!

Hi there ladies!  You may have noticed that I haven't been around for awhile?  My absence has not been completely intentional, I've been a busy wife and mom lately.  We welcomed baby #5 into our home and so my time has been spent taking care of my family and adjusting to life with another baby. 

There was a time, before starting this blog, that I was writing a different blog and my priorities were completely messed up!  I don't know that I wanted to be some famous blogist (probably not a real word but it sounded good), but I was so invested in it that it took up so very much of my time.  I woke up thinking about how I needed to hurry up and get my quiet time with the Lord finished so that I could have a few moments of uninteruppted time to finish my blog post on having a meaningful quiet time.  hmmmm..... 

Then there were the times that I would get so frustrated with my kids when they wanted to play, but I was too busy writing a post about being the kind of mother God created you to be.  hmmmm.......

Or the times I let my housework go so that I could blog about getting into a housework routine.   Do you see the irony in all of this?

Praise goes to the Lord that He opened my eyes!  What a fool I was. 

So I had to stop blogging.

I had to just walk away.

It was difficult to walk away because I love to write, and blogging was my way to write.
But being a wife and mom was more important.

I did not want my children to remember me as a great blogger, I wanted them to remember me as a great mother.

So I deleted my old blog and walked away, it was the best decision for sure!

Fast forward to last year when I decided to take another whack at blogging, but this time a little differently.  I was not going to let it consume me, I was not going to let it take time away from my family.  I truly believe the Lord will not bless you if you allow that to happen.  Don't get me wrong, I think there are great bloggers out there that don't sacrifice their family to do it- I'm just not one of them.  So that is the reason that you may not see me around from time to time.  Are there blog posts that I would love to write but may not get around to?  sure.  Will I ever have a huge blog following?  probably not.  But will I do what the Lord has created me to do by being a wife and mom first?  yes.  And will I be happy doing that?  absolutely!

Thanks to those who have stuck around.  And tell me- how do you blog in the midst of your life??


  1. Julianne, this is a tremendous thing! If it will not be a PRIDE-bomb to you, I would like to feature it on "Encourage One Another". I, too, still wrestle with this, and wonder if there is any real impact for the Kingdom with blogging for the Lord. I am SO thankful for you and your right thinking!!!!!! The LORD Himself will commend and reward you for your obedience, dear one!!!!

    1. I'll give the praise to the Lord for this. Like I said in my post, with my last blog I was all messed up in my thinking. To admit to that to myself was big for me, but something that was needful for my relationships with my husband and children, but mostly my relationship with God. If you want to use the post that is fine, perhaps it will be a help to others.
      God bless you!

  2. Loved this--so good to hear young moms keeping their priorities straight--there are seasons for everything and right now your kiddos need you--many blessings,

    Rhonda Devine

  3. Wonderful words and so true!

    What I have done is wake up an hour earlier each morning so that it doesn't take up any extra family time because I was having the same problem as you!

    Take care ~ JES

  4. I could have written this post! It is something that I am really struggling with, because I feel God's calling, and I need to be able to do this blogging thing in moderation. So far, it's an all or nothing thing for me and I tend to let it consume me...I could just walk away, but I don't feel God calling me to do that. I feel Him calling me to do this blogging thing, but in a way that honors Him and still serves my family.

    I do see the irony and I can relate to those points you state from your past days when you were consumed by's definitely something I need to work on.

    Blessings to you and your family and Congratulations on your new little one!

  5. I enjoy writing as well, and can easily use it to escape from my obligations and responsibilities (I have 10 children; 9 still at home). I've had to take several blogging breaks at times to realign my priorities and now I am committed to only write when I have something substantial to say. I also limit my online time to 2 hours on weekdays with no internet at all on Sundays.

  6. Hi Julianne,
    I'm stopping by from the EOA link-up, and I LOVE this post! I,too, get a little distracted from what I should be doing in order to blog. But the Lord never fails to remind me of my priorities. I'm so thankful for His patience and mercy. :)
    I'm am your newest subscriber/follower and am looking forward to getting to know you better. :) Please stop by and"visit" when you have time.
    May you have a blessing-filled day!

  7. Thanks for your comments, I loved reading how others keep their priorities straight. May God bless you all!

  8. Julianne....keeping it real! Its so easy to get caught up...I know all too well. Relief came for me when I realized I don't have to blog something every day! I can skip a day or two and its OK! Blogging is definitely something that needs to be in its place and not before faith, marriage, and family. Thank you for writing this and for the reminder. Visiting you from EOA.

  9. Julianne I loved your post and was so appreciative of it - the timing was so good for my life. Keeping our priorities straight is so important and I too like you love to write but I am still learning balance. I am featuring you today on the link up and wanted to thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post and linking up. I know many will be blessed by your words of encouragement. May the Lord be glorified in all that we do always. Much love to you ~Marci

    1. Thank you Marci! I so enjoy reading your blog, it's very encouraging and inspiring. May the Lord bless you in all you do!

  10. Loved this. Thank you. It is so hard to learn to balance. Maybe I will never get there. But thank you!!!